A True Best Friend

Many people, not all, go through different best friends throughout life. I believe you can have several Best Friends at one time. Someone with whom one shares the strongest possible sort of friendship. I’ve been blessed to have found my True Best Friend here in Tennessee with my Bee Exterminator.

This is a person that only in a matter of weeks there is such a deep bond that it appears that we have known each other for our entire life. In fact, I even over heard someone ask this friend if we’d known each other since childhood. I understood then that our friendship was so strong that others assumed we had known each other for a lot longer than actually was the case.

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This individual knows what I am thinking just from the look on my face. The connection is so strong that one phrase is complete sentences involving us. We’ve got such a connection; we know when the other is in distress or in need. This is a person I love, have nicknames for each other, inside jokes and have pointless text-a-thons with regular.

This friend is family and gives the opinion I care most about. A true best friend is the person who tells you the things you absolutely need to hear regardless of if you wish to hear it or not. It is this friend that you could be about always and never become sick of. This is the person you’re thankful to have as a friend and confidant.

This true best friend is not just someone you have a fantastic time with, it is also someone you know you can trust your life with. Someone you can totally be yourself around and not give a care in the world about your activities or feelings because they won’t judge you for the stupid things you might do or say.

Yes, I’ve found my True Best Friend. It’s said that God puts people in your life at particular times and you might not know why. I know this is true for God placed me with this remarkable person to experience this ultimate friendship. For you see, my True Best Friend was diagnosed with stage four cancer not long after we met. I questioned why God would place the two of us together at this time only to eventually take this superb relationship away. I realized it was not for me to question his reason but to make the most out of the amazing friendship.

As a friend, as a care giver, I pledged to this authentic Best Friend that I was going to see him during this fight. I am there for him and his superb family to provide support, love and care. God placed us together at this time for this trip and I would not want to be anywhere else doing anything else but to be here with him. I know I have a Tue Best Friend I will always remember no matter what comes about. I may get rid of the only true best friend I’ll ever have, and even when I get new “best friends”. . This older, real True Best Friend will always be in my mind and forever in my heart.

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